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HindlePower enjoys a long and outstanding reputation as the premier manufacturer of stationary and utility battery chargers in the Western Hemisphere. HindlePower began in the early 1970s, as the Power Systems division of HITRAN Corporation, based out of Flemington, NJ. The SCR/SCRF Series battery charger was introduced in 1978, and has proven to be one of the most widely accepted and proven utility battery chargers in the industry. This was followed by the more advanced microprocessor- controlled AT10 Series battery charger in 1992. In addition to these two successful utility battery chargers, the Hitran Power Systems division has designed and manufactured custom dc power supplies for the utility market for almost 30 years. The continuing success and growth of the Hitran Power Systems division necessitated its move from the Flemington, NJ plant to a larger location. In late 1999, Hitran Power Systems relocated to a new facility in Easton, PA. In an effort to establish its own unique identity while reinforcing a firm connection with its earliest history as part of the original Hindle Transformer Company (HITRAN), HindlePower renamed itself on January 1, 2001.

UPS / Emergency Lighting Inverters / Voltage Regulators

Digital Signal Power Manufacturing is an engineering based design and manufacture company.
Our company philosophy is based on Applied Engineering, or integrated engineering platforms.
DSPM has developed a unique fifth generation Digital Control System, which provides precise control and monitoring of all input and output power functions on our complete line of power products. With this topology platform our units can sense power fluctuations and react in virtual real time.
The Pulse Width Modulation output is optimized and is capable of a total static stop, to protect both the load and the inverter with this information.
DSPM Products .


The Power Battery product lines cover a wide range of sophisticated applications from telecommunications and computer backup, to Broadband CATV and emergency lighting. We design and assemble standard and customized battery cabinets and rack systems for clients' individual requirements.
When you buy a battery back up system to support sensitive applications, you are really buying security and peace of mind. Power Battery understands that, and all of our efforts go into building battery on which you can rely.

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Standby Energy, Inc. is the world wide web's newest resource for consultation on battery power selection and configuration of monitoring systems for power fluctuations. Company founder Jack Ripley brings 35 years of experience with battery power to find workable, cost-effective industrial power solutions.
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