Standby Energy Inc.

About Us
Standby Energy Inc. (SEI), founder and president Jack Ripley has been active in the industrial power equipment field for more than 35 years. His involvement includes engineering, sales and management with manufacturers of batteries (lead acid and nickel cadmium), battery chargers and UPS systems.

In 1986, Jack founded Constant Power Manufacturing Co., in Houston, TX to manufacture a full line of Stationary Battery Chargers. In 1998 Jack sold Constant Power Mfg. Co.

Jack said he was too young to retire, and too old to learn anything new, so he formed Battery Service Co. to provide service on batteries, chargers and UPS systems. Since then, customers have also requested his support in procuring equipment.

Jack has now formed Standby Energy Inc. for the purpose of providing unequaled customer satisfaction for all their power quality needs.

Recent News

Standby Energy Inc. is the world wide web's newest resource for consultation on battery power selection and configuration of monitoring systems for power fluctuations.
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